Picture 009Harold  has a new dream of building six wooden schooners and sailing them across the oceans helping to save the world! Check out https://web.facebook.com/groups/444251059401800/?ref=bookmark      The Cassiopeia Schooner Project
Living in Texas as a builder and designer Harold decided to pursue his dream of seeing the world and jumped on a yacht as crew. He acquired the 63 foot Schooner Cassiopeia and has sailed her through the Caribbean and Pacific for twenty six years. Famous for his passion and spirit for life, he and his lovely vessel Cassiopeia have touched the lives of many. He has now written a book of stories about his experiences and the lessons learned.

Author face shotI sit writing this book in the pilot house of my lovely wooden schooner after 26 years of living aboard, sailing through the Caribbean Sea and South Pacific Ocean. Surrounded by palm-lined beaches, my beautiful home rests calmly in a protected bay. My view of the distant horizon beckons me, yet I am compelled to complete an action.

I am now fulfilling yet another dream, allowed to record the notions I’ve long carried and shared with the many crews aboard the good ship Cassiopeia. The ideas I present have been unerringly reinforced by the occurrences of my unusual life. In this book, I describe adventures and lessons, and connect them to the philosophies I hold dear. My life has been a dream come true. I am a certified dreamer. I have a powerful faith in my dreams for myself, and, inherently, a powerful faith in my dreams for humanity. I would like for you to have that faith too, and so I share my story….

Harold Neel was born in Austin, Texas and went to the University of Texas Architecture School. Trained in carpentry as a youth he owned a design and build business at the age of 23. Austin provided well for his pastimes of running, flag football, basketball, outdoor concerts, and sailboat racing. He often escaped winter by backpacking in Central America. Since sailing away he has shared Cassiopeia for “pitch in expense” adventures with three to four month cruises, run her as a day sail business, and done term charters. He has managed resorts, operated a commercial dive business, been part of a design management team for an exclusive furniture company, owned and operated a small bar with performance art shows, done architecture and building projects, and provided yacht services. He has been located in Vanuatu for 9 years but considers himself a resident of the world.