front cover final submission 4 27 16Hello and welcome to a dream come true.

I’m a certified dreamer. I have big dreams for all of us. That’s because so many of my own dreams have come true. My sea gypsy life has given me hope. With our oceans as my home, the islands as my havens, and people from all the world sharing my life aboard the beautiful wooden schooner Cassiopeia, I’ve learned that our planet, and humanity, are an amazing gift to the universe.

The adventures of my life me and my experiences with land and sea have made it obvious we are innately connected to everything, including each other. The current times are calling us to realize this and create collective actions enhancing that reality. I believe we can. From the Bottom Up. I’ve published a book about my life at sea so you can get to know me and be inspired about the evolution of how we can interact with each other and our planet.

On this website you can buy my book, but you can also post your dreams and read about others dreams. If you have known Cassiopeia you can post stories and pictures of your adventures aboard. You can also read my blog about saving the world From the Bottom Up.

There are also other stories, both written and audio, and video presentations, so please look around and see what fun and inspiration you can find.  Thanks Harold.





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