!997 Caribbean – Brilliant!

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Hi H, Im just back from a week sailing a 1900 wooden ketch Bessie Ellen, and it reminded me (in a very tame way) of adventures on Cassiopeia so I was inspired to google. I sailed up from somewhere to somewhere else via Union Island with Dave the bugman and James Brown. I then joined you in Antigua for classics the year Dennis Connor signed the transom, you won the Spirit of Classics AND gig racing I think. You had a freind who was skippering a big fancy yacht (Dark green & quite ugly. The yacht not your friend). By some strange coincidence THREE of us on the boat had the same birthday – 6th JUne in various years. And that is about all the specifics I can remember. In the olden days we only ever took a few photos. This is me during a long day at anchor in Union Island. (if it has uploaded). I bumped into you at the BVI Music Fest when I was living there. Great memories of good times! Hope all is well with you & the boat. Lucy (the Brit who used “brilliant” instead of “awesome”)

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