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I dream that I can repair Cassiopeia well enough to sail her to Thailand. There I wish to put her in a boatyard where they will re-fit her and als copy her. building five more just like her. Then myself a a LOT of friends can sail them around the world going to classic yacht regattas and making presentations about the state of the oceans as we have seen them during our passages. Hopefully this can initiate changes by interesting some of the richest people in the world (ones with classic yachts) in changing there investment portfolios to affect the decisions big corporations are making.
You definitely do not have to restrict yourself to one dream!

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  1. moskito

    thats a nice but also a very difficult dream to come true.
    I am living in Thailand since 20 years and i am loving this country….BUT… dont let this constant smiling of the people fool you. Thais are always smiling, even if you ask them for the way and they dont know it, they will sent you with a smile into any direction just comes to mind!
    They CANT say I DONT KNOW …its not in their behaviour to do so, because if they say they dont know, they loose face…at least thats what they think… Thats not a made up story, its what i have learned in 30 years Thailand and in 20 years of living here constantly.
    Just a short story regarding this. In shool the teacher explains something and a couple of children doesnt understand what it is or how it works, BUT… they will NEVER ask the teacher to explain it again!
    1st They think if they are asking infront of everybody, they say: SORRY I AM TO STUPID TO UNDERSTAND WHAT THE TEACHER JUST EXPLAINED

    …unfortunately thats exactly how everything here works. Thais do not ask questions! While we have learned to ask as much as we can, to educate us and learn more, Thais just dont ask, for the exact same reason i just explained!
    Dont get me wrong please, its not their fault, its just a fault in education and culture may be.
    The most important thing to Thais is money, like in the most places in Asia btw. If you are white, a so called Farang, you are fucking RICH …you have to be! They will not belive you if you tell them thats not true and you are just a common people with some average money, in their opinion you are rich.
    Do NOT do any business with Thaipeople if you are not living here for at least one whole year. After you can may be say you know something about the country. After a couple of month you do not know anything, for sure not as a foreigner and it doesnt matter where you lived before.
    I am loving Thailand but our government and our people are like they are and may be thats good.
    98% of all people come to Thailand, are coming with a dream, get real guys, at least as long it could damage your life to running around beliving in the good of people. Many people are good, but even good people need money or like they say in Thailand… Love you can not eat!
    Another hint is may be, there are no words for compassion or pityfullness in Thailanguage like in most Asian languages too. A life does not count much in Asia.,
    Best of Luck

    • Harold Neel

      I have had those experiences thought the island nations that I have lived and it is very true you must be careful and it takes years to find the right people. Luckily I have a lot of people on board who have done just that and have been here 30 years so I’m relatively confident in their perceptions and possibilities. I am still moving forward with caution and will be careful about how to manage the financial side of things to make sure the things that should get done, do. I think the team of pharangs and locals that are involved are pretty good! I too have seen many dreams crushed by lack of cultural and work ethic issues being understood. So thank you for noting that caution rules, and perceptions of the smiles are not all that is involve and we will be as aware of those things while we move forward. And thanks for the well wishes! I hope for you to stay in touch and step aboard one of the Schooners one day! Join our group of you do facebook! cheers Harold https://web.facebook.com/groups/444251059401800/?ref=bookmarks

  2. moskito

    haha would love to do so, but since i am saying what i think and my heart is on my tongue i am nearly constantly blocked on FaceBook. Something like Free speech was day before yesterday and if you have an account in Germany or you are German citizen, you have to shut up anyways 😉
    Will may be trying to find you tomorrow, i guess you can see my mail here. 😉
    btw, i am having a group in FaceBook called PhuketBungalowinfo you can check and here I can reply sometimes using my wifes account 😉 …. Check my little jungle place out…GREEN, PEACEFULL and most important QUIET …since i dont have neighbors… hmmm i am liying, having a lot… Birds, Squirrels, Lizards etc 😉 Bungalows are budget Bungis, no hi-so shit, I am trying to protect the natural enviroment so Aircon is available in only one of my bungis but since there is always wind from the mountains and shadows from the trees, nobody will miss an AC

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