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When I met Harold last year, he mentioned he was writing a book.  Honestly, I thought, “good for you”.  Everyone who sails seems to write books, some good some not so good.  But, I adored Harold, as he possesses an effervescent love for life and grit for making his ideas happen, and I silently doubted his book would ever truly come to fruition, again, as many don’t.  I now know that this man is a hidden talent, and writing is just one of his many extraordinary skills.

From the Bottom Up, is one of the most compelling sailing adventures I’ve experienced, and I’ve read many.  I say experienced because a good sailing book, like this one, will make you feel present in the action of the moment, experiencing the storms and the parties.  From the Bottom Up makes you ask, why bother with fiction?  I’ve read HItchcock, Pardy, and many others. But, when Neel is plunged into the sea while clutching the bow, and surfaces again, still holding onto the bow, a nanometer from Davey Jones’ locker, you want to know more about Neel and his “good ship” the Cassiopeia.  You want to know why .  You want to escape for awhile inside Neel’s life.  I believe, From the Bottom Up, has the potential to be on the New York Times Bestseller List, and I hope it gets there, mate.     Lidia Johnson

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