Green flashes and other magic !

Onward and upward, I AM going to get this out there. I AM going to give shows about this book as an excuse to talk about how magic these times are and how WE ARE going to change the direction things seem to be headed in! So here are another few seconds. This time about green flashes and the other amazing things that the stalwart crews and I shared on Cassiopeia’s many tours.           Share please and go to the website and post a story for fun!    Hugs H  by the way Green Flashes are real!

3 Responses

  1. Harold Neel

    I really am going to figure all of this out there and become part of the new energy that is shaping the world we want!

  2. Anne B Mullett

    I’m so glad to have met you and Tommy.
    You have lifted my spirits tonight.
    You passion is contagious.
    Thank you with all my heart.
    S/V Meherio

    • Harold Neel

      Thanks Anne, We enjoyed your spirit and dream very much. I hope we can stay in touch. Facebook me if you do that! Hope you managed to get a book! hugs H and T

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