Poor Man’s Millionaire

Am I Poor or RICH????????????????? Not to let up, in fact to be relentless, and I’m just getting going, here is the next part of the interview. I’m not sure but it seems not many of you are seeing these … Continued

Green flashes and other magic !

Onward and upward, I AM going to get this out there. I AM going to give shows about this book as an excuse to talk about how magic these times are and how WE ARE going to change the direction … Continued

The Interview series begins again

Listening to sound advice from friends, I’m shifting back to a presentation without any musical accompaniment, at least not my singing.  So here’s the next in the interview series about the book. I will intermingle other strange and philosophical videos … Continued

The second tale about the book

Here is another short tale! It’s about this book. From the Bottom Up. Yep the one I wrote. A book about sailing adventures, and lessons from Mother Ocean, and “Yay for Us!” moments, and saving the world ideas. If you … Continued

Here we GO!

Here we GO! I can’t wait any longer! Ready or not…this is it! It’s time to save the world!!!!!!!!!!! I will start with “the Book”. Yep that one I wrote. So here’s a video about it. A commercial really. And … Continued