The Dream is Now

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We are all dreamers dreaming a collective dream.  Seems more like a nightmare at times when you are not looking from the place within of deep stillness and peace.

what do we all really want out of Life? Is life something to want anything from? In my experience most wants end up causing suffering on some level, both to ourself and others. I want no wants….wait a second I think I’ve tricked myself.  But it’s true. The more we want the more we need, the more things are made, the more the earth feels the repercussions of those wants and desires.

My dream is for us all to be content with less.  Less everything.  So many have so much more than they need…while so many have far less than they need.  Balance. But we need the balance to be within each individual.  What can I do to make such a dream take form in this reality?  Be happy and content with Less, While at the same time giving more to everyone in my presence .


Om Na Ma Shi Va Ya


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