The second tale about the book

Here is another short tale! It’s about this book. From the Bottom Up. Yep the one I wrote. A book about sailing adventures, and lessons from Mother Ocean, and “Yay for Us!” moments, and saving the world ideas. If you click on it then you will wind up on a crazy website’s blog. Yep my website. While there you can post pictures you have of Cassiopeia. And more importantly, you can start the “post your dream” blog. That’s where others can see your dream and help!           Oh yeah, you can buy the book there too!

Who knows where all of this will lead! Follow the link and share the video please. Then lots of people will read this book and be a dreamer like me. That will help with all of the big dreams all of us have for every human, and plant, and rock, you know, everything in this universe.


The journey begins. Huge hugs to all of you!

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  1. Skip Ryan

    New reality show coming soon to US, europe, Oz ad NZ.

    Im a good friend of Trent Thomas, operations manager at Silent World Shipping, Vanuatu. Where he says you are.
    He sent me this just now.

    Maybewe could be good network for each other.
    I have a production manager who maybe can do something here.

    Add me on fb if you wish.


    Have a great day

    • Harold Neel

      Yep send me a friendd request on facebook! Look forward to catching up.

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