Here we GO!

Here we GO! I can’t wait any longer! Ready or not…this is it! It’s time to save the world!!!!!!!!!!! I will start with “the Book”. Yep that one I wrote. So here’s a video about it. A commercial really. And there are many more to come so stayed tuned to this channel and share with everybody you know. But the book (apparently it’s a good read!) is just the beginning. I’m gonna be me.


You guys know how I like to talk. Well the goal is to have a chat with Oprah, a TED talk maybe, a moment at a rainbow gathering, or say, your house for dinner. For those of you who know the plastic table on Cassiopeia’s foredeck, and how many times the world was saved there, well this REALLY is it. I’m gonna spread the plastic table vibe with your help. I’m now in the USA. A good place to start.


The book is live and available in all formats at and and I’m available to regale anybody possessing open ear with tall tales of the high seas and dreams of a brilliant future for humanity. So watch the videos, read the book and find me places to talk!


Huge hugs all of the friends this goes out to, and in fact a hug for everybody……H

Watch this vid and as the rest come, please share with anyone you reckon will enjoy it.

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  1. I’ve left a proposition upon fb. Will do more of the same if I’m allowed…

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